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Periods don't stop for pandemics - we are still here!

So, what has been going on,

Street Cramps is continuing to work across the UK, and within Cornwall we have been working alongside even more charities, groups and organisations, and this has been amazing! It is great to see the project making an even bigger impact then we ever expected. I have been working for my A-level exams over the last two years, which due to the current COVID-19 crisis have been cancelled, giving me about 3 months of stress/free time, however this situation has created a huge drive for creativity and community spirit within the country and as well as internationally, which has been an amazing thing to witness. For example the NHS volunteers, who managed to smash the target number of 250,000 and reach a massive 750,000 people signing up to help, which is normally a massive task to get that many volunteers, let alone within 2 days. Hopefully some of those people will continue to volunteer after this crisis is over.

However, this has been an immensely stressful time for businesses, who are struggling to keep their business going, for students like myself who's futures have been thrown up in the air and we are grasping to get it back under control. For myself, the stress of UCAS applications, making decisions about universities when we won't even have the chance to sit our exams, leaving it up to our teachers to decide our fate. But these problems are tiny compared to the loss that families across the world are facing everyday.

The world is changing all at once, and its changing in ways that potentially should have been happening years ago. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues today, and this year will have record low carbon emissions which could make massive differences to the way that it progresses in the future - whether this lasts is another story. It has also pushed for governments to take a look at their humanity and values, working for the good of the people instead of making the most money. In terms of homelessness in the UK the government has said for all homeless people to be placed into emergency housing - this includes hotels that have opened their doors for them. However, this number was about 14,500, but many are expected to be back on the streets as soon as the funding stops. This makes you think about why this hasn't been done before now if overnight these people were removed from living on the streets, its clearly easily done when the government is on your side.

Last month we handed out a record amount of supplies, due to our usual charities needing higher amounts of stuff to cope with the families who have been unable to afford these necessities since loosing their jobs. I am thankful that the donations we have received have allowed for us to continue our work during this difficult time.

I am thinking about ways of getting more supplies out, since I now have time to be pushing street cramps further than I have for the last 3 years.

Please get in contact if you feel like you could help, if this is bringing street cramps to your area or if it is just donating products or talking about period poverty with your friends. Every little helps and its important to remember that charities are still working through this crisis.

B x

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